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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 23, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> time tore what do i need to know for next week. wayne, what do you say? >> well, i'm saying the piene is only so big, so there is only so many slices you can cut out and immigration reform or what they think of as immigration reform is going to cost us all a lot of money because the federal c government in its infiniteen stupidity is going to try to cut that pie, it's going to come out of social security and somewhere, so they just can't fake it except by printing money. >> gary. >> i think it's about to go defensive. philip morris. i think it will have a few goods months ahead. >> all right.o jonathan? >> i'm looking at some of the smallest financial names. names under a billion dollars in market cap. there is not an etf that tracks
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them in particular, but wmcr, this is a good diversionification if you just own big stocks, this is the smallest of the small. strong on the charts. i like it right now. >> small is beautiful. gary, can we set a new high on the markets next week? >> doubt it. i think we're going to muck around and correct more. going all right. thanks for that. thanks to all of you. that's it for the cost of freedom block. thank you for joining us. i'm see you on the willis report weeknights on "fox business" network at 6 to 9 p.m have a great weekend. >> hello, everyone. kimberly guilfoyle and the
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rest of the gangth and this is five". >> america is on the brink of yet another fiscal fiasco and washington is again at a stand still. this time over a series of w automatic spending cuts due to hammer our economy on march 1. not helping matters is president obama's full blown campaign to pass blame on republicans. tearing into them a new on al sharpton's radio show. >> my sense is that their basic view is that nothing is i important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations. that's the thing that binds their party together at this point. >> dana, from a communications standpoint. >> a good idea to harness all the ammunition after the republicans say they'reth to blame, they're the ones that have the economy at a stand
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still in this country becausend their inability to act?in >> i think you get more beeset with honey from a communications standpoint and you would be able to accomplish more if you were more civil. as an american, and as a republican, i'm disappointed in the pot and i think wow. like he really doesn't like me. >> i like you. >> i finally realize that he has such disdain for half the country, so i wouldn't have sair it. i wouldn't have done it. i would have said -- i would not have sent him away for his guys weekend where he plays golf for a weekend andke come back and said, ohnd, my gosh, we've cris? i think he could have gotten this done a long time ago. the think that's crazy is that this parade of horribles he talks about, it was their idea in the first place. so you shouldn't take a hostage that you're not willing to you know what. >> take them out back? >> well, that iy:s a saying.ha
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i've heard. >> okay. seen it happen. andrea, was this a good idea? talk a little bit about the context, the history and now the president saying, hey, look, this is just the republicans. is that correct? >> the president said he would veto any attempt to replace the quester in 2011. now we heard the president literally cry about deficit reduction. now we have an opportunity to reduce the deficit and he's howling about it. look, i agree with dana. i think the president had a tremendous amount of capital, particularly when hent came into office that he burned through on obamacare in the most divisionsive way. after theth second wind, he gave the speech, i'm everybody's president. and i thought, i don't buy that. you only won by 51% 49% of the t he has knocked out. he could really make history here, i think, kimberly, if he would have, over the last twor years, made an attempt to bring republicans ando democrats together, tap simpson bowles, do
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something about entitlements. he could have made history. i think got a lot more done and had a much greater legacy than heon will have. >> greg? >> well, i don't know. i mean, we're all kind of guilty of this, aren't we? you remember the -- we also had the 46 or 49% from the t republicans. we are guilty of doing the same thing. having said that -- >> on natural radio? >> that's what i'm o saying. this is adolescent, to me. whereas ronald reagan was the greatsc communicator. he's the great instigator. he doesn't want to bring people together, as you say. you can hate bush all you want, didn't hate. i don't remember bush ever saying -- constantly going after people andh after people.ft >> complaining or bad mouthing. >> yeah. and he says it's forgetting the rich is what binds the republicans, what bindsns democrats are binds. they actually try to keep people down with promises of making the rich pay more. >> bob, what do you think about this strategy of the president? is itbe the right idea to sit t
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there and blast republican, finger point? it seems like playground antics. why would he do that? >> i'm trying to get this prozac into my veins. >> is ity working? >> first of all,>> it's not that bad. okay? >> that should be the slogan for obama. [ laughter ] >> it's not that bad. >> the reason obama is doing this is he b knows what the pols tell him, and that is the public does think, whether you think it's fair or not, is the republicans do favor the wealthy and they're willing to do what's necessary to protect them. now, obama's plan of strategy,at this strategy is going to push t the republicans, republicans r will eventually cave. there will be c a deal. don't anybody out there worryhe about it. don't got selling your campers, it will be fine. >> i don't have a camper. >> you don't have a camper? >> why can't he genuinely try work with them? >> you say it's not a big deal? i'm really ticked off today. broke. does anyone get that? everyone says it's not a biger deal and leaking at the polls and playing politics. we are bankrupt!
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we arean over -- >> we're fine. >> bob, we are done. >> bob, at least carter tried. at least jimmy carter tried. >> oh, my gosh! have wed. got to that point! >> i w don't think we are broke> i do think there is going to be a deal and it's going to bring enough money in to get us below -- going to see the deficit start to fall and then it will go back up. we spend all this time thinking about the deficit. we can handle a definite sit like i this. we'll be fine. >> okay. but with that logic, bob, if the deficit doesn't matter, then why do we have to raise taxes? we don't need revenue or as they call it revenue, our money, if deficits don't matter. we could just keep spending and we could all have it both ways. >> it matters when it hits0 20 trillion. >> then when you get to 20 trillion, bob -- >> it's at 17. >> we would not go that high. it will start to come back. you got to remember, the percentage of discretionary spending, the nonentitlement
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stuff is as high as it was during the eisenhower years. >> that's inspect the problem. actually republicans are taking a very unpopular position to say that they would do something on entitlement reform. it's not ant. popular thing to y we're gog means testing, whichoi means that wealthier seniors who have to pay more for social security or medicare. that's not a popular position. it's actually the right thing to do. >> that'sn. showing -- >> putting things off foror another four years, to me, is very irresponsible. and he had such an opportunity to be able -- >> that's what we're saying. >> you think this president is going to allow four years to go by and allow his legacy to be one of total polarization? >> the first five years of any indication, yes. he doesn't think it's not going to turn out, he's really not worried that's going to be the case. he believes his own press. >> you're going to get some form of gun control. >> there is a different perspective, american cross roads this ad out and this is their take on the president's role with sequestration.
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>> these cuts, here in washington as sequestration, are a bad idea. are you willing to see a bunch of first responders lose their jobs, teachers laid off? >> quester was the administration's idea. >> they were president obama's idea. t >> so-called sequester was obama's idea in the first place. hequ signed it into law. >> the white house recommended it, frankly, back in august of 2011.1. >> okay. bob? >> first of all, trying to sell people that it was obama's idea, it was his idea. but that: is not what the publc believes. the public believes that thebu p republicans -- >> do you hear yourself? >> does he. >> i do and i'm talking as a politician and i'm saying as a politician, i understand why obama is doing what he's doing and why rove and these guys arei trying to convince these people about sequestration being obama's idea. it doesn't matter! you understand it does notr matter. in the end, the republicans are.
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the oness taking the fall here. >> i don't agree with you on that. i think this i ad is very beltw. i think it's pretty stupid. you can go back and forth and play the blame game. you know what i say to that? so what? okay. so it'sth obama's fault. we know that. jay carney admitted this. what are you going to do about it? republicans would be better servedo cutting a deal ona entitlements. they have the capital. they should do it.he they're not pushing hard enough. that ad -- >> you're fault, your fault. who cares? that's not moving any f needles. watch. >> you could continue. >> she's got alt passion in the world. >> i don't have anything else to greg? >> he i think just overall getting away from the ads, in my mind, the country has like a collective amnesia. it's like we all we want to bed and woke up and with he now think we're belgium. i keep thinking at some point we're going to remember what it was like to be an exceptional
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country andd talk about the ric, not like they'real rich, but tht they're successful and they want to bey successful and that achievement is something wonderful. >> we keep pressing the snooze alarm, hoping it will get better. >> obama administration has no problem judging the behavior of the rich and the wealthy or the successful. not about anybody else. we're look at broken families, we're look at the only thing that the administration is fueling is the welfare state. we've gotel problems everywhere because of the disintegration of social values and he will never talk about that. it's ridiculous. so he goes after the people who are successful because it's easy because he preys upon envy and heul won't say a damn thing abot what's happening to everybody else in that country. >> what about that, bob?ab the politics of punishment? >> we are a great country and we're not going to go the way of belgium or greece. we're going to get through this just fine. if you remember every time we
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have come up to whether it's the debt ceiling or first fiscal cliff, at the 11th hour, we had a deal. right now there is a deal in the works. there will be a deal. it will get done. by the way, i predict there will be a deal on entitlements before september. >> did you get that on your iphone prior to the show? >> no, no. i don't ever take talking point from them. but i just tell you, i know politics well enough, i think, to see the two people posturing themselves -- >> the thing is he's hoping the whole country will be under some kind of bizarre hypnosis and think we have money that we don't. >> you speak so negatively -- >> no, no. i do not. >> it's going to be fine.: >> i love this country and i think -- >> we have the ability to try and police ourselves a bit and t stop the wreckless spending and have the courage and fortitude to do so, we wouldn't be in the position we're s in.ou >> it's friday, let's pick it up. look good. >> coming up on "the five," an unbelievable shot. see, this is positive. at a basketball game, and itme wasn't made a by a player, but a
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cheerleader, of course. >> my gosh. i'm going to practice that immediately after the show. we're going to show the other half of that amazing half court flip shot and make sure to stay tuned for our preoscar party. we're going tore get down. that's later on "thego five." " our thoughts -- no, we're not. >> on hollywood's big night, that's ahead. don't go away i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen.
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♪ >> now for the happy segment. do you live in one of the most miserable cities in america? "forbes" magazine released its annual list for 2013 and the most miserable is detroit, the motor city earning the number within spot this year with its high crime rate, high unemployment and deep financial woes. forbes looked at unemployment, violent crime, taxes and commute times and the weather. most of the top ten included
2:18 pm
three cities from michigan, three from california and three from illinois. and then number ten, our great city here, new york. let's look at these pictures before and after in cadillac, michigan. this is the cadillac building, right? and that was before and after. that's the grand central station. greg, you noticed -- you pitched this story, which was a great one because you noticed a common denominator. >> yeah. almost all the mayors are democrat and the ones that claim they are democrats are very liberal, like michael bloomberg. he ran as a republican because he couldn't run as a democrat. it's funny, when you look at detroit, it looks like it was hit by a hurricane and it was, hurricane liberal of the they've ruined that city. and everybody is moving. everybody is leaving. i call that the obama dividend because he's creating jobs in the moving industry, as people flee and it's also part of michelle's obesity fight plan because they're running from
2:19 pm
creditors. >> that was creative. >> i thought he said the auto industry. >> the auto industry left detroit and went south. >> it's all going to be fine. >> it is going to be fine. >> no problem. >> and new york city and washington, d.c. in that list, i can't imagine -- >> dc is not in the top ten. , you got flint, michigan, chicago, though, is number 4. >> chicago, that's what i was thinking. >> chicago has a lot of defenders. a lot of people who live there absolutely love it. but for others, it's a place of high crime and also kimberly, one of the things they talked about in this survey is commuting time. >> yeah! >> that was repeated over and over again. how long it takes to you get to and from work. >> i think forbes is on to something because that is part of your enjoyment, how long does it take to you get to work? what's the weather like and the rest of the stuff on the misery
2:20 pm
index. unemployment, violent crime, foreclosures, taxes, gross. property home price, plummeting. now when you look at detroit, it looks like the set of "i am legend," where the whole place is deserted and there is nothing there. >> have you seen it lately, by the way? they actual will he is plowed under a big part of detroit and made communicate garden, which i'm all for. >> depending what they grow. >> i think the mayor there, he defended detroit and said look, i've got a plan here and what we're trying to do is deal with the most important things first, which is the crime. they need a lot more public lighting. for a lot of these cities, are they too far gone to come back? >> i think a lot of them are. i look at detroit, for example. their budget deficit is something like a $32 billion. i don't see how you come back. >> bankruptcy. >> i just don't see how do you it because you take all of these things, like the crime rate. well, if you have a spending problem you and don't have enough money to pay for police,
2:21 pm
how do you fix the crime problem? does everyone move out, like greg says, and get a job with the moving company? one of the things we didn't get to in the first block was breakdown of the family. i think that's a huge issue and president obama is the perfect messenger and he missed that opportunity. >> the one thing they took out of the survey this year that they had last year was sports teams. they said it was more regional than just city specific. but detroit, for example, they have good sports teams, right? >> yeah, i guess so. >> the lions and tigers, and bears. >> not the bears. they're in chicago. >> look, the fact is they do have basically sports teams in baseball and football and people keep going up to their games, mostly from the suburbs. remember u got to think about these things. it's not just the inner city, but the suburban area. washington, d.c. -- >> that's why the commutes are hard. >> that's right. 'cause a lot of commuting time means people are work.
2:22 pm
>> quick question, going around the table. favorite city outside of the one you grew up in? >> i grew up in san francisco. my favorite city is new york. >> okay. that's a good answer. bob? >> austin, texas. >> andrea? >> miami. >> that's good one. >> united states? >> in the united states? >> allentown, pen. >> yoohoo! , i lived there ten years. >> you move to allentown, the first thing someone tells us is it's close to a loft places. it's true! you're 45 minutes from philly, shower a half from new york and close to quaker town. and there is yako's. these really messy hot dogs. andrea knows. >> what's on it? >> like everything. >> greg, i went to a rehab in allentown. >> i know where it is. >> we used to try to escape and go into allentown. we within right back to the rehab. >> you know the saying is 60 miles from new york, 20 years behind. >> but it's a fun place. yako's, daley's.
2:23 pm
>> i haven't been there. >> the chicken lounge. >> the demographics of that, it's heavily hispanic. have you been there for a while? >> i have. forbes should ask about the best eateries for under 20 bucks and then you could add that to the happy thing. >> how come they put weather in this thing? >> that's why people are leaving. >> 'cause they don't like the cold weather? >> we haven't had enough global warming yet. >> the last thing from forbes, eight of the ten mayors supported obama. miserable. >> i have to defend a lot of those urban places like san antonio, mayor there, supported obama. that city is doing great. it's also in the south and also in texas. okay. coming up, she has already made history by qualifying to start at the head of the pack at daytona. will danica patrick beat out the boys on the racetrack this sunday? i'll tell what you greg said about it in the green room. that's next on "the five"
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♪ ♪ >> lady and gentlemen, start your engines. thisd sunday danica patrick will race from the coveted pole position and into the recordll books at the daytona 500. she's the first woman in the 54-year history of nascar signature race to do so. so bob, you are our officiale nascar fan here at the table. you go to the races. what do you think her chances are? i will say that she is the first woman to start from this position. there was one other woman, but she started in the 1980s.t >> here is the other interesting thing, her boyfriend will be in
2:29 pm
the 12th spot during the race, whichyf is her new boyfriend. but i think 14% of the people in the pole position at daytona go on to win. that's long odds. she's goto healthy good drivers hyped her. but the fact that she ran in her trials were 197 miles an hour -- >> that's awesome. >> that's remarkable. nascar pulled back on how fast the cars should go because it was getting out of hand. they were crashing all the time. when i go to these races, i used to go to the infield drunk, so g didn't watch a whole lot 'til there was a crash and i would wake up. but these are great athletes. i'm telling you, this woman deserves a lot of credit because they say it's all equaled out because the cars, but the fact of the matter is, the cars are all pretty much the same. it's a lot about strategy and how you keep your car in the right position to make then rigt openings. en athletics than golfers? >> yeah. >> that will get those tweets going. >> this is a very fair playing field.
2:30 pm
you don't have to be a man or woman. you that i lot of women will be tuning in? >> maybe. earlier in the green room. >> it is a greg room. >> he said it's good thing there is no parallel parking at daytona. >> what? >> you know -- coy point something out with dana? that was her joke and tried to pin it on me. o can i make something -- >> i believe her. >> danica patrick was won one more race than me. i've never won one. >> we know that. >> i don't even have a driver's license. she's overrated. no, she's not because she's not really rate that had well. i'm more of a fan of rosy ruiz who cheated in the boston marathon. >> you're diminishing her accomplishment. >> no, i'm not! >> you're a hater. >> i'm doing a this. let's bring the. hype down a little bit. i get it, first woman and everything. these are stories that the medii loves to do.
2:31 pm
>> underpromise, overdeliver. >> it's a big deal. all the u producers come up with the same idea, girl power. >> tallols how you really feel, greg. >> you're so weird on that end. >> let me see if this willwe get you. do you think this makes history? a girl named lauren silberman, 28 years old f new york city, she will be the first female to try out in this year's regional combine in the national football league, kimberly. >> yeah, i'm excited. >> she's a kicker and she's very, very smart. she has her own company. she was a o club soccer player b the university of wisconsin. she has a master's thesis from m.i.t. she's total stud. what do you think? >> i think it's fantastic. >> of course youo. do. >> what's wrong with>> you? you're against women that are winners. >> no, i love women who are winners! i find these stories so funny. >> you're going to be sent back to the green room of t the you'e on a permanent time b out. >> you're the one that came up with the parallel parking joke!. >> look, i think this is great.
2:32 pm
i like when women are able tol challenge traditional ideas and norms about sports, whether it's danica patrick or whether it'sda here because this is good. >> dana doesn't like it either. >> why? >> too rough? >> like women in combat for me is a stretch. women in football, i don't know. >> she's a kicker, dana! that's the best job since being a union delegate. they get paid like $10 million an hour 'cause they only play like 40 minutes. that's more than o'reilley gets. i get suspicious because you hear the stories at the beginning of the story. you andin never hear about the second part. like you never hear the person getting on the team because it's interesting is and then we move on. >> are you saying that when you dig deeper and peel the layer off the onion, they're not that impresssive? >> exactly. i don't even eat y onions. >> wow. skeptical party of two over
2:33 pm
here.iv >> yeah. i'm positive. i'm going to call it as a draw. >> i'm a party of two with bob. >> you, too. >> bob is in a party of two. kimberly, i'm going to be positive again. i have another positive story. >> go ahead, i'm not ready for you. >> do you think this girl is a winner? take a look. [ cheering ] >> in hatsies berg, mississippi. you and i could dosi that in our sleep. >> that's a real athlete right there. >> very impresssive. >> the golfers should take note. >> danica, do that while driving. >> wait a minute. the halfmpressed by front flip, half court shot? >> if you ever saw me play basketball, i'm impressed. >> it's difficult to make a half court shot, let alone a free
2:34 pm
throw, yet she does it with an acrobatic. >> i give her flexibility and i'd give her anything she wanted. she was great.. can i go back to the kicker. the reason she won't make it is there are other things the kick divorce to do, not the least of which is once in a while they have o tackle somebody. ifav they get blocked. i don't --if but, i give her a t of credit. it's the only position she could have in sports. >> has she had to do that before, like in high school? >> i don't know if she played in high school. >> she originally was a club soccer>> player. >> hi thought was banned in america. >> bit way, the best athletes i think in the world are jockeys. and women are jockeys who have been very good. >> greg missed it by just an inch. >> oh, my gosh, are you too tall to be a jockey?e >> yes, it was a tragic failing in my life. i tried to start smoking at six. >> what was the horse's name again? >> senior hook step. >> i'd like to see you and danan get in a horse race together.
2:35 pm
i'd bet on that one. >> the horse is now in burger king in england. >> dana would win. when you're on an airplane, according to greg, don't complain. he's been on a o few flights lately and he's got a few stories to tell youeg next on "e five" you next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup
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this is the fox news alert. i'm arthel neville. a huge wreck at the daytona international speedway and some fans possibly injured. here is brand-new pictures for you. at least ten cars crashing and torn into pieces in front of the grand stand during a nascar
2:40 pm
nationwide series race. in the last lap, the lead car was turned sideways into the wall, causing a chain reaction. one car went sailing into the fence, leaving a gaping hole. race officials are not commenting on any focus injuries. we'll have more on this at the top of the hour. a dramatic video of deadly floods in greece, narrow street turning into raging rivers, forcing frantic rescues. the woman you see on your screen, she was safe, that's good news. another one reportedly trapped in her car and killed. a really sad situation there as well. again, i'm arthel neville. we'll have more onir the crash t the top of the hour. ♪ it's happening now? >> yes, it is, bob. so columnist for slate, the web site, not the rock, wants
2:41 pm
airline passengers to stop reclining in their seats. dan cow thinks it'sto rude, but blames t the airlines writing people recline them 'cause their seats recline. why do seats recline? wouldn't it be better for everyone if seats didnhey paid e that. in short, he thinks that by seeking comfort, someone else hasth to give up theirs. which is hooey for two reasons. everyone can recline and since everyone paid for their seat, they paid for that right to recline. if i recline, so can you. unless you're in the last row. sorry, it's like being born in a crappy country. a see, this writer is sufferings from the "new york times" editorial board disease, which means he confusions earned entitlement request selfishness. it's how the president can look at ahe successful businessman ad think he got that wealth from someone else. it's the same with reclining, just 'cause you don't, doesn't mean you can't. if you start kick my seat, i know how it respond.
2:42 pm
air travels causes the air in your intestines to increase. do i even need to finish this sentence? >> do we needn that? >> you don't worry about it 'cause you can curl up on the seat. >> like a little kitten. >> dana knows this, bag little person, which who has problemsna with shelves and climbing up on things, like a little rabbit. you have a hard time. >> so for example, i can't even -- my feet don't reach the floor on this floor, that's why i have to rest them on the table here. but on anes airplane, my feet usualry don't reach the ground. don't reach the floor. so i like to be able to recline a little bit 'cause then i can sit indian style in the chair and i can be more comfortable. i'm fort recline and if the person in front -- >> now people know why you don't sit over here and andrea and i do. right? >> does anybody agree with this guy? that you shouldn't recline?
2:43 pm
>> i mean, i can't tell yo 'cause it's been a long time. >> spoken like a liberal. >> what did you say? >> he only flies first class. the man of the people. >> that's because people pay me to fly first class. >> is that in your contract? >> no, it's not. let me tell you something, these airlines have a lot of responsibility because they put too many seats in the plane. there ought to be more roomut between seats. you're going to have people like greg who wants to recline and not only that, everybody is bringing computers on board, right? you ever try to get out? i was once caught in the innerut seat trying to get out through all these people with computers. it's like fighting yourr way through this --ct >> bob, that was actually starbucks. >> it was? >> yeah. >> bob has the worst airplane experiences. super traumatic. >> and always involves a diapere >> yeah. >> that's what you don't need, sitting nokes a kid with a diaper. oh,si man. >> yeah. >> andrew degree i can't, you're flying soon? >> in a couple hours. there is a right way to recline, i think. the people that recline so quickly and just go -- >> i hate that.
2:44 pm
>> that's whatli i do. >> do you? >> i do that! go like that. >> disgraceful. >> i think that's rude. i always try and go very softly 'cause i hate to disturb the person. also, armchair etiquette. both arm chairs. don't bogart the up and down sliding window. >> the slamming back like that, i think that's kinds of like what male dogs do at the park. >> oh, really? >> it's like claiming your territory early on. >> it'sry like saying, don't bother asking me. i lovere the people that do. when you're smoking and somebody walks by and does the fake cough, that's the person behind when you you recline, they go oh and i just look and smile. >> 'cause you don't care about them. >> what did you say about dogs that's not pentagon, is it? >> i'm not used to it. >> i'm saying when you have someone in front of you who does the slam back on the airplane, that is like claiming your territory and marking your territory before the flight gets
2:45 pm
going. >> i thought that usually meant claiming your territory was urinating. >> yeah, thank you. thank you for calling me, greg. so yeah, i don't think -- i feel bad, you're going to recline back and somebody has theirec drink and computer and you knock over their stuff and they hate you and you're t stuck with the. >> i'm used to it. >> i just try and suck it up and i always end up in the middleay seat. but whatever. >> did you ever sit in the middlebu seat? >> yes. >> in california? >> yeah, we got to go. they're yelling at me. >> the pre-oscar bob has important advice for the winners. if you leave now, i will l nominate you for a purple nerple ♪ hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business.
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2:49 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> sunday night, the academy awards. which i don't usually pay attention to. i do have some advice i'd like to ask my colleague what is what
2:50 pm
they think about people accepting these awards. don't start with your first grade teacher and thank your grandmother. don't thank everybody from the grip and don't cry. those few who don't win, this always take pictures of y'all,re and there are pictures of youe all over the place, and the o other four look like you're happy. you're not happy. person. to kill the but don't go on long. make it short. i don't know which picture i like. what's there long shot? our gap? >> yeah, it's our gap. >> animated film about a little animal who lived in the gap. and all does he is he folds sweaters. but he wants to be a mannequin. sew flies to jupiter where he starts a mannequin farm and then he gets eaten by a cannibal. >> okay. that's what i'm for. >> it's auto biographical. >> who do you think will win best picture? >> i think probably "argo" will win. however, i think that katherine
2:51 pm
bigelow and "zero dark thirty" got the shot. she used to be the golden girlha in hollywood when she did "the hurt locker." then she does a movie that's honest and she gets attacked by feinstein and mccain. b and now she's on the outs.nd her colleagues, the academy didn't even nominate her at all. and "argo," which is an awesomea movie, it's not really factual. even jimmy carter was like, they didn't get it right. it wasn't as factual. so you get black listed for not -- >> dana, you're probably not going to be able to stay up for the entire academy awards? >> that's true. >> do you have a favorite for best picture? >> i haven't seen all of them. i did see "beast of the southern wild" and i liked that a lot. i agree with you. keep it short and classy. having a tear in the eye is good. just don't letye it spill over.i also, no alcohol before the show because drunk academy awarde winners are horrible. >> messy. brando thatrlon sent that indian -- >> yes. that's good point. b
2:52 pm
hollywood, as much as we rag on them, they remain important because it's how america talkses to the outside world. unfortunately, the mental is,de hate america. i want to say. >> like we do. >> i'm not a big fan of the movies nominated. my favorite n movie of the year which i cannot recommend 'cause it's so perverse is "the paper boy." iranian movie "separation". and of course, "magic mike" which was ignored because they have something against matthew mcconaghey. >> who are you for? >> well, thank you for editingti yourself. i'm for -- i like the movie "lincoln." i thought daniel day-lewis was excellent. >> what was lincoln about? >> it's in your cliff notes. >> what was "lincoln" about? >> this is too ignorant. >> do you remember the name of that movie about the sharks? the one wither jaws? >> do you know why i think "argo" will win? because it's a movie about
2:53 pm
hollywood being the hero and hollywood loves hollywood. it's about celebration. >> bob, what was the name of the movie about the fighter rocky? >> it was the fighter rocky, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. i thought rocky was great. i love rocky. they still have that statue inti philadelphia. >> that movie h deserved to be best picture. >> it really was.hi aadrien! ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card
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>> it's time now for one more thing. i'm going to kick it off with ae special salute to an american hero. retired u.s. airia force colonel george budday is turning 88 on. sunday. and the five b of us would liked wish him a very happy birthday. we hear he watches the show and we like that a lot. colonel served in world war works the korean war and in vietnam. air force fighter pilot, shot down and then taken as a pow for five years. he once talked about the experience. >> all these were coming in. took this huge hit. bang.
2:58 pm
don't know what happened. just went unconscious. next day they u took me over, hg me by my feet for the entire day. an awful feeling hits your gut, i'm going to be a p.o.w. >> in 1976, he was awarded the medal of honor by president ford and the air force cross. we want to thank you, bud, for yourt valor. we thank you for your service and we wish you well and health. happy birthday and god bless you. >> that's nice. special human being. >> now if i didn't feelei insignificant enough already,g: now i feel like i'm that big. that guy is a true hero. i want to plug red eye saturday. this is going to repeat on saturday. first time 11:00 o'clock east coast, 8:00 o'clock. brand-new red eye. dana is on. we'll talk about the red eye. saturday, 11:00 o'clock eastern time. p.m.? >> p.m.
2:59 pm
>> i have to stay awake. >> if you didn't have a enough f greg, please watch that. >> you certainly haven't had me and greg together. this is an amazing story. the united states is about to drop toxic mice on one of its guam because of theri infestation of brown tree snakes, which was not indigenous area. it came in in probably world war ii. hawaii has beeri this going there because it's eaten owl the birds. they've come up with this idea, they're going to drop these toxic mice that are dead. the brown tree snake is one willing to eat something it didn't kill. so they're going to give this ay shot. they havehi some parachute thing that will drop it. >> you know what the plural of mouse is? >> meese. >> so this is a positive story. we actually took the show from like very depressing and now we're leading up. this is a positive story. a 17-year-old


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